The Purple Project

At The Purple Project, we're proud to introduce our holistic approach to music-based edutainment designed exclusively for children with disabilities. It is based on the foundations of the Purple Methods best practices

Discover the vibrant world of Folk music, where traditional and folk music inspire creativity and cultural connections. This inclusive best practices enriches the lives of children with disabilities.
Indian Classical:
Embark on a journey of rhythm, melody, and tradition with Indian Classical music. Tailored for children with disabilities, it brings the magic of Indian classical music to enrich their lives.
Experience the harmonies and melodies of Western music, a best practices designed for children with disabilities. It introduces them to the captivating world of Western classical and contemporary music.
The Purple Project


Join our edutainment academy and celebrate the vibrant colors of learning and performance.


Discover our music studios in schools and how they inspire young musicians.


Explore the Shades of inclusion through our various programs and initiatives.


Engage with stories, support, and progress tracking through Purple Matters.



At URF, innovation is at the heart of our mission to empower Purple children. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we create groundbreaking solutions that enhance their learning experiences, provide adaptive tools, we ensure they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

transforms a standard school bench into a percussion instrument, creating an fun and familiar musical experience for students.
is an innovative platform that empowers children to create, share, and even sell their music. It's designed to foster creativity and self-expression, allowing Purple children to showcase their musical talents and build a sense of pride and accomplishment.
integrates the power of artificial intelligence into students' curricula, bridging gaps and providing essential tools for an equitable learning experience.
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This is a knowledge repository, curated by experts in their fields, continuously evolving to cater to children with disabilities. It's a dynamic resource offering adaptable teaching methodologies. It ensures no child is left behind, fostering personalized learning experiences that unlock their full potential and passion for knowledge.

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